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I am planning to start a treatment program for all my chickens tonight consisting of treatment for both internal and external parasites using Ivomec plus an antibiotic for bacterial infection and amprollium for coccidiosis in their drinking water starting tomorrow.Also I will be fogging the coop tomorrow. Questions: I have at least 1 hen who is very thin and sickly. Will she be able to handle all this medication. She obviously hasn't been getting nutrition from any food she may be ingesting and I am worried that it will be to much for her weakened system. I feel sick at heart that I didn't realize how sick she was and that she has been suffering. I managed to catch her just as she was going to roost and I examined her. I was shocked to feel how thin she is! What can I feed her immediately or tomorrow morning to help her strength. I don't wish to overwhelm her in her weakened state and accidentally kill her. As a result of extensive reading online I'm thinking maybe some of my hens have blackhead and or capillary worms which means I will have to add another type of worm med as Ivomec doesn't kill capillary worm. Question: what can cause yellow,frothy diarrheoa besides Blackhead? I really need some help from any of you more experienced and knowledgeable people. I really love my girls and boys and want to help them out of their misery. Thanks-in advance


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I suggest you separate her and keep her in a temp stable place with as little swing in temp as possible. Often an ill bird will be dehydrated so add electrolyte to her water for four or five days.
You can get baby parrot/bird formula at a petstore (or online if your petstore does not carry it) and mix that in with her feed to concentrate the nutrition... this is a powder you mix with water to a porridge consistency > in this case where the bird is not completely incapacitated (recquiring croptube feeding) you can mix this in with her age appropriate commercial feed (no scratch grains) and to encourage her to eat you can serve it in a watermelon "bowl" (scoop out ) as the red color will encourage her to peck.

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