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10 Years
Feb 18, 2009
I have Embden geese, Toulouse,& Brown chinese geese.. Do they lay in the fall? Mine have not laid for fall yet and I thought they would.. Also, I have 4 Embden geese(1 male:3females), will the 1 male embden be able to take care of all 3 girls or should I get another male or 2..?? Any suggestions would be appreciated!
Geese are seasonal (usually only lay in the spring) You will have to watch your Emden and see if it looks like he loves only one female or all three. Usually they will cover three (unless he is a one woman gander)
the brown chineese are about 3 years old, the toulouse are about the same, and i think the embdens are around 2, they have been shown at the county fair..
My Chinese did lay in the fall. However, I got them from egg laying stock. I am not sure all strains would lay in the fall. As far as I know, most geese only lay in the spring. The only tough part is guessing what they consider spring. Last year my Toulouse started laying in January, in the snow. We thought they were duck eggs for a while and didn't even try to hatch them. I was sad.
I have one Embden goose and one gander and my goose is laying eggs
at this time of year, and I would guess that the one male would be okay
for all the females but I really do not know.

Hope this helps!

Hi I was wondering if someone here might know how long a Embden Goose can live? We have one that has come to "retire" with us. They(original owners) had hatched Duke out themselves. He has been with us for a little over a month. Can they live to be 40yrs? My uncle owner a chinese looking goose (mixed) it was 32yrs before it was caught by a neighbors dog. So I know they can get "old" just was curious on how old he can get. He is an OLD goose and loves the fact he now has feather friends to hang out with.
Embdens have a 20-25 year life expectancy or less. The bigger meat breeds can be expected to not live as long as smaller breeds. All the selective breeding for size takes a little off their overall life span.
Thanks so he might get a couple more yrs left. Great to know I just was curious. He has had a hard late yrs. His mate disapearred and He was attacked by a dog so he wears scars from the attack. That is why he is with us know to enjoy the "golden" yrs he might have left. To bad he wasn't a she might of had "golden eggs"
Thanks for answering my question.

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