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Feb 21, 2009
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Ok so I candled my eggs again
Yes I know lol I did it yesterday but dear son was helping and I was in a hurry , this time I heated up a towle in the microwave and sat the set of eggs on it as I candled and turned them one at a time , still cant seen anything in the pheasnt eggs he says none have done anything so far but we keep trying
one day we might get fertle eggs right, anywas all but 3 off the chucker eggs look like they have embryos in them my question is one of the babies is right at the top of the egg right againt the air cell. will that work or will he die it seems llike it might be bad postioning on his part
The embryo should move about a bit in the egg. So in theory it will move away. If you angle the egg so the air cell is slightly down for a few days it should help the embryo float away from the air cell. As the chick grows it will spread out aswell. Provided the embryo has developed a good supply i don't see why it wouldn't go on to develop normally.
Thank you very much . After being a member for a few years there are still some things I just dont know , Thats one of the things I like about animals and takeing care of them you can learn new things even after haveing them for years . Im really hopeing for a good hatch if just the chucker eggs are fertle that will mean I have 14 eggs that have babies in them I am hopeing for at least 8 strong healthy babies hatched and fluffy Ill take 100% but I havent hatched chuckers befor and my little LG hasnt gotten much over a 50% hatch rate taht I can remmber .
Oh dear 50% isn't very great. Sounds like you need a new bator. Have you tried testing the thermometer on it by putting a second thermometer in and looking to see if there is a difference. I can't see why you should only get 50% if your doing everything right. My little incubator in my display pic hatches almost all eggs that are fertile. Apart from a couple that i accidentally shrink wrapped in my early hatches. :-(

Good luck with your hatch. I hope you get over 50% this time. I have 16 due to hatcg under broodies on the 31st. They don't have quite as good a track record as the bator for me. :-(
Well the first few hatches I was new to it and I had an LG still air , then I tried hatching at my sons school and also most my eggs have been shipped , Im hopeing now that I have more experance and Im using and LG with a fan I will have better luck, also alot of my eggs are shipped as I dont have my own chickens or know people with fertle eggs, these eggs come from my brother in law though so hopefully I will have better luck . Im hopeing to get a Brinesea very soon and Im hopefull that will up my rates as well .
Ah thats different then. I've never hatched shipped eggs successfully. I reckon one lot wasn't even fertile and with the other one i had 3 grow but they gave up halfway :( . I don't bother with shipped eggs now.

It certainly pays to have a rooster.
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