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Sep 23, 2012
Ontario, Canada
I have a chick that JUST hatched, while hatching, something happened, and he had half his yolk hanging out of his body! He was tugging, so I cut the cords attaching the yolk to the shell. What should I do? He is now out of the shell, and I've put his back end on a warm moist towel, he's under a warm light too. I'm having a hard time keeping him from moving. Will his body absorb the rest of the yolk again? Or is there absolutely no hope?

Thanks, and please help me!!!!
The yolk is what gives them the their energy and keeps them fed for the first few days so he may be a little weak without most of it but should be fine with food and water. If he is movibg that is a good sign. Just keep him warm. I am not sure about it absorbing once he has left the shell though. I wouldn't try to pull it out, just leave it be and see if any absorbs. Good luck :D
Thanks! I've got him under a couple of socks to replace a Mother hen sitting. Hes sleeping now, but the same amount of yolk is out. I knew that it supplied energy, but I was worried if it was like colostrum for mammals - their chances of surviving without it drop really really low... I may not be going to school tomorrow either...
It probably wont absorb. Since it is out of the shell the hole will most likely start to close up and heal. I had a chick survive without absorbing all of hers. She was just really weak for hours. Just keep it warm and make food and water available and hope for the best :) Hopefully enough was absorbed for it to pull through
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