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  1. My chicken Moa, an eight month old Black Star chicken recently started limping. Two days ago, she started limping and I first noticed this when I opened their coop in the morning. I thought, this was probably not a large problem, because she was barely limping. I thought I would wait until the next morning, to see if she got any worse. She did she continued limping, not too much worse, but not better either. Now, she is walking around like she's incredibly dizzy. And she only takes short steps before she sits down again. She is eating and drinking. Could this be a stroke? What do I do?
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    I would do some research on Mareks disease. Mareks can cause weakness on one side, sometimes with dragging of a leg, and using wings for balance. Many problems can look like Mareks, so do some reading. Also put her on some poultry vitamins in her water--many feed stores have them--to treat a possible vitamin deficency.
  3. Thank you, I've done the vitamins. And will now do research.
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    Check to see if she is sweaty on the skin. Have you been experiencing crazy weather? What are the temps over there? This could be a heat stroke or just heat exhaustion. I would also treat with a bit of sugar water to make her feel a bit more peppy, if she seems to be in pain you can give a half to a whole aspirin daily.

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