Emergency Experienced Help Needed for 5 day old Tolbount Pol. Chick I Hatched


10 Years
May 21, 2012
Stoneville, NC
I hatched a little Tolbount Polish chick on Saturday so its 5 days old. It was given to me at a Show a few weeks ago. Here is what I've been doing:

It is in a rubbermaid brooder with a heat emitter - temp is fine, paper towels on floor.

The other chick in with it is totally normal and energetic (about a week older but has been in the same brooder) I've used this set-up to hatch about 50 chicks this year

They are fed a chick starter/grower

I keep vitamins/electrolytes in their water with a tiny bit of ACV

They are on paper towels for bedding.

The chick is not really eating. I saw it peck at the food when the other chick was eating but only twice and I don't think it got any food.

I have dipped its beak in the water a few times.

I am wondering if it is possible to hand-feed chicks like you do baby birds? I've raised a couple of parrots in the past - hand fed with a syringe and the Kaytee Exotic hand feeding formula. I have some of this on hand and wondered if I could give it to this chick?

Chick is just sitting under heat lamp kind of huddled down - it can walk but doesn't move much unless I make it. It peeps every once in a while. Just seems very weak and not wanting to eat/drink.

There was a tiny little piece of poop on its butt this morning which I removed but I have not seen any pasty butt type stuff.

Please respond if you have any suggestions or know if I can syringe feed this baby. I was so thrilled that the egg hatched and I don't want to lose this little one. Our local veterinarians have no clue about chickens other than basic feeding info and other common issues.

Thanks so very much!
Angela MacLean
[email protected]
Use a syringe to feed it raw brown sugar dissolved in water.

I've been syringe feeding it some hand feeding formula. It is pooping and the poops look normal. But it is not acting any better....? I will keep hand feeding her as I can't just watch her starve.... I just can't figure out what is going on since she is getting food and pooping...???

Thanks so much

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