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    They started hatching last night and now I have 5 little chickys that are dried and fluffy but they knocked over my thermometer/hydrometer and I have no way to know the humidity and don't know what to do. Should I open it and grab the chicks and set up the hydrometer?
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    I would and I would put the dried chick in the brooder. I don't like my dried chick to kick my other eggs around. Just do it fast. But that just my two cents.
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    Apr 13, 2008
    Thanks for your advice, that's what I was thinking but I just need reassured!
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    Apr 13, 2008
    Okay now I am worried about one that has piped. It's been like that for hours and you can see the chicky and I know his heart is beating , but what if he is drying out should I help him? What do I do???
  5. As long as the humidity is good, you can wait for 24 hours. Give the little one some time, it may be absorbing the yolk sac.
    Chicks are actually still growing ad coming to the end of their "gestation period" even when they have piped.

    As long as you can see the beak and the inner membrane is broken for the chick to breath your OK.

    The problem becomes when the membrane starts to dry on the chick and they can not move to "zip" the egg.

    This is the time it takes a bit of experience to known when to help the chick out.

    If you do decide to help, be sure to take ONLY the part of the shell that had the air sac. Wait another 12 hours and if you see the chick is having a time of it carefully start to break the shell down and if you see blood STOP !

    Here is a pic for you that may help:


    We get to the point and stop and wait. Just make sure you have good humidity and temperature

    These two are running the property and perfectly healthy. They were BIG cochins.

    It should be noted that if you are using the "egg carton" method for hatching to take the chicks out of the carton and lay them down as shown in the pic.
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    I have 2 the have broken the inner membrane but 1 hasn't. But it is still moving under the membrane.
  7. If you can see a "bump" on the shell and it is cracked take a pair of tweezers and carefully take the shell off and open up the membrane for the little one. You should be able to see it's beak and hear it peeping. DO NOT let the chick suffocate. As long as it has air it will work its way out in time. I have seen chicks pip, seen their beaks, heard them peeping and have done NOTHING for 12 hours as they are absorbing their yolk sacs and resting.

    Your hole size should be no bigger than a pencil width and the membrane can be even smaller as long as the chick gets to air.
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    Apr 13, 2008
    Okay I have that problem and another now. One of the chickys hatched and it either has a swollen umbilical cord or his intestines are hanging out his vent. Another egg I think I should help more, it has piped and zipped but that is it nothing else. You can tell that the heart rate is slowing down.
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    I hate to say this, but its something I have to make myself do, get dressed, get in the car and go to town for breakfast or a cup of coffee and a donut.
    Nature knows best, that is the only way I can get through a hatch, these things happen and you need to give yourself a break. (ps- I'll sound just like you in 3 weeks)
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    I am so worried! I just want to give my little chickys the best possible chance!

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