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5 Years
Aug 9, 2014
Western Washington
Our juvenile turkey has a string wrapped around it's toe that cut of the circulation. There is no hope of saving the toe at this point. I was wondering if there is anything I could do to save this bird, if we can't think of anything we will butcher it tomorrow. Would cutting it of work or will it cause to much pain to the bird? Will the toe fall of on its own? Thank to anyone who reads this or replies, I just really don't want to butcher this bird. It seems healthy besides its one individual toe that is very swollen, but does not look infected. Sorry I can't get a picture at the moment, I will when I can.
Picture would help, but as long as turkey seems fine I would do nothing. The toe may fall off if it completely cut off circulation and killed the tissue..just watch to make sure it isn't getting infected or anything. Remove the string if you haven't already.
Thank you for your reply...we recently removed the string and disinfected the toe...It seemed better this afternoon and I think their is still hope to save the toe

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