Emergency please help!!!


Jun 22, 2017
Bellevue, WA
Hi all. Ok, so my polish hen has been acting wierdly. This morning when I let her out she was drinking and eating etc, but I come a few hours later and she's roosting and the other are all outside. I brought her down with the others but she was acting really wierdly....closing one eye and squatting. Now the sun has just started coming out again and I know she hasn't laid an egg since last fall...could she possibly be getting ready to lay again? She always did have some difficulties laying in summer....I checked on her again, she was back in the coop but kind of making a "nest"...I'm giving it a little more time before thinking about it being egg binding but I'm just really concerned because I don't want anything to happen to her, I've already had some heartbreaking chicken incidents....any help?????
Thank you!

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