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May 17, 2020
Hi all!
Foolishly left the coop gate open. Overnight a predator must have visited and tried to attack our little Sebright cross rooster. He fled two yards away over high walls (wings clipped) and he was returned to us (c)luckily. But he is NOT a happy guy. We can’t see obvious injuries but he is listless, sometimes dropping his head right down and falling asleep. His chest looks swollen. He obviously doesn’t crow or walk around energetically.

We gave him some water. What else can you recommend? Surely pain treatment is not possible? Soft food? He made some white, creamy poops so it does look like the injuries are not intestinal.

please advise! Rocky is our boy. Don’t want to lose him
I am sure there are many more experienced people that can help, but I would advise giving him some Nutri-drench or something similar for a boost. Maybe take him inside and keep him in a dog cage or something so he knows he is safe? Soft food might be good, easier for him to eat and digest and hopefully help him heal. If he isn't looking better by tomorrow you might consider taking him into a vet if there is one that sees poultry in your area. He is still probably in shock from whatever happened. Hope for the best for you and Rocky! Let us know how he does.
you might want to protect him from the rest of the flock while he's recovering; a crate is a good idea, with his normal food and water (and no competition for it) and cover at night. Something similar happened to us: you may find the story of what we did useful, or at least encouraging
Many thanks. Rocks is still very quiet but he is in daddy’s office in a basket receiving soft foods and water. I believe he will pull through
Before photo. You don’t get JRTs to accept a chicken and then this happens!


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