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Discussion in 'Meat Birds ETC' started by max13077, Sep 7, 2008.

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    My local TSC store where I get all my feed is out of the usual stuff I offer, 20% chick starter. I'm just about out. I called another tsc 30 miles away but they’re out too. Each were skipped on feed deliveries the past two weeks. However they have an actual broiler feed but it’s medicated. I read it’s a big no-no to give medicated feed to chicks who have been vaccinated. However what about birds that are 8 weeks old?
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    I actually think that's who makes this broiler feed they have. I just wasn't sure if it was OK to feed.
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    As TSC if they have game bird/Turkey starter. I am useing it now, because there is no "broiler feed" local here either. This turkey feed is 22 % protiene. The chicks are doing fin on it, and have been on it for a week so far. 50 chicks can sure go through feed fast! LOL
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    By 8 weeks the immunity system of chicks has fully developed. So feeding medicated feed should not be a problem. It also depends on the shots they got, some shots are not effected by using medicated feed some are.

    For broilers/meat birds you can use wild game starter or growers, But you might want to add cracked corn or rolled oats.


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