Emergency Shipping a live chicken

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  1. RussianChickens

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    Jul 2, 2013
    Michigan (USA)
    I have purchased a live chicken from WI and it was overnight and guaranteed to arrive here in MI at 3 pm this evening. It is now 11 pm. Never showed and the tracking number hasn't been updated sense 8 pm yesterday in Saint Paul MN. Made investigations with USPS and everything at 3:05 pm and still nothing.

    Has anyone else experienced this problem? Or has my chicken been stolen? Not a sign of any movement in over 24 hrs. She was express mailed yesterday from WI at 1 pm.

    Anyone have a similar experience? What happened? Is there anything else I can do?
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  2. ten chicks

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    May 9, 2013
    Do you know for sure she was shipped out,you have absolute confirmation of this. The tracking number you have,did someone give you this number,asking this in case you were given incorrect number? Have you called the place chicken was purchased from,and have they confirmed she was in fact shipped. UPS guarantees they can track anything,call them back and demand to speak to someone higher up,do not talk to person answering phones. She has to be somewhere all shipped items with tracking numbers are recorded. I just hope she is not sitting in some crate in some warehouse,she will not survive. Who is shipping pullets/hens,this is very dangerous and i am a little surprised anyone would do this. Pullets/hens do not handle the stress of shipping at all.
  3. realsis

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    Jan 17, 2013
    I've got pullets shipped to me and have been lucky not to have a problem. Where does the tracking number say she is now? Live birds are usually shipped over night on a plane. ?express is longer! She will or should be in a live animal shipping box and usually they take Care with these boxes.follow the tracking number. It should tell you exactly where she is.if there is no signs of movement of the box in over 24 hours I'm sorry to say there is a big problem. Why was she not mailed over night? Call the postal office they should be able to tell you exactly what happened. I'm so sorry this has happened. Please keep us updated on this. I really hope she arrives alright. God bless
  4. RussianChickens

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    Jul 2, 2013
    Michigan (USA)
    She arrived unannounced at our local PO this morning. :hmm Alive and apparently well. Still not a word on the tracking number sense Saint Paul. [​IMG] I was going to call again this morning but my PO called me first and told me she showed up. I can say I have Never Ever had this happen to an express mail package before. Just weird...

    And thanks ten chicks, I will remember to speak to higher ups should anything like this Ever happen again.
    Why would a hen or pullet be any different than a male? They ship juvenile birds quite often from a place south of here without a problem. Some times there's just no other way to get them than by shipping. Had I drove all the way around the lake it would have cost me a couple hundred in gas at least and 3-4 days travel time there and back. I've had birds shipped before and never had a problem like this time. Chicken appears well so it's all good.

    And yes she was shipped overnight on a plane, or should have been. She was marked overnight shipping. I believe its called Next Day express, or priority express or something, I forget exactly but it was guaranteed for yesterday at 3 pm (to arrive within 24 hours).

    I'm just very glad she's here now. Really scared me as I've never had this happen before. We think she might have missed the plane possibly. Who knows.

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