Emergency! Sick hen. Sour crop?


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Mar 21, 2013
My beautiful hen, Pepper, has gotten sick almost overnight. Yesterday I noticed her standing around and not doing much. This has happened to two of my egg bound hens, so I felt her abdomen area and thought I felt an egg. I isolated her from the other hens to let her lay. I got her out again this morning and her comb was a dark purple/red colour. I picked her up and she started to throw up. The same thing happened to another hen, who passed shortly after. I've emptied her crop and have given her some fresh water but I don't know what else to do. Please help. I've already lost a hen to something like this and I can't lose another

So sorry about your hens!

You need to not give foods for 24 hours. ONLY water. NO oil either. The vomiting is a good sign. Continue to massage her crop and cause her to vomit.

Here's some good links on crop issues. Best of luck! Just remember that whatever you read, DO NOT give oil to the chicken as it only makes it worse.
Thanks so much Sarah. I didn't give her any oil (thankfully), but she did forage around a bit. This morning her comb had lost the dark purple colour and was sticking up again. She's pretty much back to her usual self :) Thanks again!

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