Emergency Silkie not moving... Please Help


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6 Years
Aug 8, 2013
Came home today and she was laying under coop. I picked her up and seemed life less. I have removed her from the coop and have her in a pet carrier at the moment. She moves her head some but has not walked? Any Ideas what could be wrong.

No she has not.. I live in pa and it has not been warm here at all.. I went out and bought corid to treat her for maybe coccidiosis . I dropped it in her mouth.. She was fine yesterday.
Coccidiosis usually strikes chickens less than 10 weeks old, but it can occur in older chickens if a new strain has been brought in by new chickens, if chickens have changed homes, and on peoples shoes or car tires. Treatment is 2 tsp liquid for 5-7 days. You may need to coax her to drink it or put a little on her chick feed.
I have only introduced one new bird and that was over a month ago.. All birds came from same lady.. I have had the silkies since they were babies. She will be 18 weeks Saturday. I am not sure what happen she was fine then wasnt. Very life less.. Eyes closed.. I figured I try this stuff and see if it works .. I hope she is okay.. It may be a male not sure ;)

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