7 Years
Jan 27, 2015
Redding, California
Help! I have agreed to try to save a beautiful tom turkey. I guess he is a royal palm. He is quite large, though I do not know his age. He has been free ranging on a rescue property where I believe canker, mycoplasmosis and respiratory disease all to be present and active. He has yellow blobs in his throat, roof of his mouth, and under his tongue. I can't tell whether they are puss pockets or growths. He has green mucous in his mouth, and at least one lesion under his tongue.

He is gasping, rattling and wheezing. He refuses water, but wull swallow it if I place it in his mouth via syringe.

I have Tylan 50, Tylan 200, LA300 and pennisillin on hand. I have syringes as well.

He seems dehydrated, frightened, and near exhaist8on.

What can I do? Which med is best and how much?

Thank you so very much!
Hi again! I became afraid that he would die if I did not take action. I have given him 3ccs Tylan 50 in his breast. I have also more or less forced about 50ccs of tepid water down him. He is rattling less, and so long as I am messing with him he seems marginally better. But the moment I stop imposing things upon him, his head droops, and his breathing becomes much noisier and apparently difficult.

He just pooped for the first time since he arrived.

I am going to try to attach a video.

I had a chicken that could barely breathe and Tylan was like a miracle cure, in about 24 hours she sounded almost normal and after 48 hours was acting pretty normal too. Sorry I cannot help with dosage as I used the soluble Tylan, but it seems to be good for respiratory infections.
Thank you, Pirategirl! I hope that this fellow will be out of immediate danger this morning. Last night he sounded awful, but at least was on his feet. The trouble he was having was that his snood is swollen. He is apparently unwilling to get it wet, but can't reach to drink without dangling it in the water.syringe to the he rescue again!

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