Emergency. What’s wrong with my eggs. Infection spreading??


Aug 28, 2019
Hi all. We have been raising backyard chickens for several year with very few issues. But now we have one and I am stumped and worry that I may need to cull my flock.

It started with a random egg here or there that was rancid... some green, some looked normal but smelled like death. It happened infrequently and I thought it was off, but I just didn’t eat those eggs. Now, it is happening more and more frequently and also include issues when hard boiling where the entire hard boiled egg is yellow like the yolk and is mooshy, despite having been properly cooked... other eggs in the pan were fine.

We were having trouble isolating the issue, so I took a bunch of fresh eggs (within 2-3 days) and I cracked them to examine. Several yolks would “burst” when I cracked them. These were from at least 4 chickens and the green, smelly eggs were from different chickens too... but I have no idea which ones.

My questions ... is this some sort of infection? If so, what and what do I do about it?

At my whits end and ready to give up. Please help.


5 Years
Apr 15, 2015
Welcome to BYC, Chicken canoe is right, , you might get a vet that will examine the eggs and send of testing if you can't find your state one. It does help if people know where you are from to give you the right connection. It is the only way you can know for sure and treat your flock accordingly

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