Feb 21, 2018
I got 4 seramas last Saturday and one has already come down with upper respiratory. I’ve been treating her with clindamycin and finished her treatment she’s still congested but a lot better wasn’t sure if she was going to make it. Yesterday I went to check on her and her feathers looked HORRIBLE! Not sure what happened bc they were fine but at the end of the day I went to check on her as I do twice a day minimum and her feathers looked like she’s been given a bath and rubbed to hard. Some places she had feathers others she did not. Keeping my chickens in my neighbors barn until I get my coop, and she had come out the same day to bathe her chickens and when I saw my hen I thought she’d bathed her and thanked her but said she didn’t chicken hasn’t gotten out of coop with the new transition so I do t know what happened, any ideas? Could really use some! I don’t want anything spreading to the rest of my chickens! Will post pics when I can!
Yes I’m trying to get my coop built so right now I don’t have anywhere to isolate but keeping a close eye on everyone and she has had clindamycin the last 6 days
The others may be causing that if they aren't getting along I would try to get her separated first to try to figure out what's going on
They’ve been together since they were born and I’ve noticed slight pecking her when she first got sick but it got better do you they would do that to her bc she’s sick?
Yes chickens will do that to sicker chickens it is best to separate them at first signs of illness with any chicken 1) to preserve integrity of the flock and keep others from getting Ill and 2) to allow the sick chicken to heal as needed even if you have a dog crate you could put her in for time being I think would be incredibly beneficial for the hen and for you to trouble shoot the problem it certainly could just be from the other hens

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