Emotional Rooster


11 Years
May 28, 2011
We have two roosters that have gotten along since the beginning. But this winter, one of them was sick and I had to quarantine him. Now the other one has an "attitude" so I am waiting until Mother Nature takes a pill and releases Minnesota from the longest winter ever to associate them back together when they can get outside more often allowing more room for the flock. Right now they are locked up and close quarters so it has been challenging. I have put a large dog kennel in the hen houses switching them every few days giving each one their time with the hens. But we have one rooster who has been "off" since the first day and while he is not aggressive or mean to people, we have always wondered if he has had voices in his head when he shows very emotional traits. Recently, he seems like he wants to be in the kennel all of the time. When I switch them, he sits in front of the door not trying to pick a fight, but rather, just looking in there longingly. And he has tried to get back in the kennel when I have opened the door to feed the first one. Is this odd behavior for this rooster? Is that a problem to keep him in there longer as he seems most happy then. I am hoping to bring their friendship back once they have more room in the pen. Just wondering your thoughts. thanks!

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