Empordanessas? White dark egg layers from spain

Yep I sure do. Mr Poole is a very nice gentleman to get the birds from. He had to bid HIGH on Eggbid to get those and from what the information I got from him, they were crossed several generations ago that there were so much inbreeding, and right now he got them on track.

And his eggs are expensive....best bet to buy some chicks from him rather than six eggs for shipping......darn expensive to waste.

The temperment I would imagine would be just like the same as the Penes.

Good luck!
I'm not getting those. I am starting to get buried in chickens as it is. Got several freebies and too good to pass up deals lately. This is my score from today, $5 each. There were five of them. I don't need them but I couldn't pass them up, six months old, fat and shiney.

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