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    I have ued a Miller hanging poultry feeder for a few years now an have had good luck with it. But lately, my flock is strewing layer pellets all over the floor, which quickly empties the feeder. I have tried setting the feeder at different heights, but nothing seems to solve the problem. Any suggestions as to what I can do to solve this problem?

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    Ahhhh....the age old problem of chickens billing out feed. The best solution I have found is to set the feeder inside a larger pan with steep sides. The pan I use is a metal feed pan from the feed store, that has 4" sides. My feeder, which is a home-built, sits nicely inside it, and the feed that is billed out of the feeder ends up in the metal pan, where they can still eat it. Occasionally I will have some pellets billed even out of the metal pan, but my rule is those get cleaned up before I add any more feed.
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    All my 12 lb feeders are sitting inside black rubber fortex tubs.

    The only thing I would add is that when I used a feeder with a larger lip they billed it out more. The 12 lb size works well for me because the lip is narrow (where the feed is able to be accessed by the chickens).
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    Last year I switched to the small black rubber tubs because of the birds scooping out feed on the ground. These little tubs prevent "scooping" and unless a chicken knocks it over, there is no feed waste. They also work well if you want to wet the feed down. Love em"!
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    If you cut back there feed some they should stop "billing" feed out.
    I feed no more than the birds will eat in a 24 hour period, if the feeder is empty when I go out to feed the next day I offer a little more that feeding.

    Also never put anything other than the feed in the feeder (no treats or scratch) this way they don't think that there is something better to eat in there.

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