Emu - DNA results are in... KnockKnock is


11 Years
Aug 19, 2008
Somerset, CA
officially a "she". For 5 months now, "he" kept quiet, never correcting us for our incorrect gender assessment
. Since the name KnockKnock is gender neutral we won't be changing her name. My other pet name for her, BirdBrain, still fits as well
I was stunned when I opened the envelope and read "female" on the certificate. Male/female... it didn't really matter to me, but we have just always referred to KK as he. The irony of it all... that you originally had her for a couple of weeks.

If you don't find a female before next breeding season I'll see about hatching out a few more. Do you have an incubator? BoomBoom generally lays an egg every third day. You could always try incubating a few eggs! AJ's cousin up in Colfax wants a couple of hand raised chicks so I know I'll be letting Enoch sit a nest again.

Heading out to put a lock on KK's coop....
I have two Brinseas but emu eggs don't fit. I am DNA testing 2 emus from JK Farms and Sanctuary right now but am not sure if the samples are sufficient. I am waiting for a call back tomorrow. I will get my girl, someday. In the meantime we enjoy our boys so much. They make everything fun around here. It is like having your own circus.

Hi Ryan,

How are your emus doing? I have two boys and hoping to find a girl soon. Do you still have Clyde? I see pictures of him and Bonnie all the time when I am looking for something in Lightroom. I sure miss them. They were great little geese.

Put up some new pics of your emus!

I usually start getting eggs in December. The emus Mary has hatched from my birds in late March, and KnockKnock hatched from an incubated egg in early March.

How old are your birds?


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