Encouraging Parakeets to nest?

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    I have two Rosey Bourke parakeets. I was told they were a pair. (I plan to send away for a feather DNA test). Assuming they are a pair, how do I get them to start nesting? I haven't seen any egg laying sofar. One bird (I think is the male) is flying a lot and the one I think is female sings/chirps a lot more and is much more vocal. I have pine shavings on the floor and a 4 foot x 3 foot high cage for them, with multiple perches, parakeet food and water, with a calcuim stone too, hanging toys, etc. They are in my basement with a window for light. Perhaps it's not enough light? If I need to add light, what type of light shall I use and should it be kept on at night? I've always heard to cover their cage at night, but it's really dark with the lights out, so I haven't been doing that.

    What do you think? I was told they were about 6 mos old when I bought them (that was a year ago). The breeder looked reputable, but you know how that goes...

    Any advice?
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