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Jan 16, 2021
Hello from Northern California!
My husband and I sarted our small farm in 2017 and that was when I became aware of BYC. I was surfing for info that would help us with our new adventure of raising our first batch of 16 chicks we purchased frm TSC. We bought 4 Asian Blues, 4 Wyndots, 4 Brown Pullets and 4 silkies. We allowed for the 25% loss we understood would happen. It didn't, so we had 16 chickens and lots of eggs starting in about 6 months! We've added 2 Americana and 6 Welsummers. Our chickens are free range in our yard and near the horse corral and shop, but not in the field. We love the dispositions and antics of the flyers, Flo, Amelia, Jackie, Jeanie (all women pilots who were first at achieving something special), Scarlet, Olivia, Peaches, and Seniora puffycheeks who swing from the hanging lights, ride in the hay wagon, lay their eggs in the horses feeders, tap on our deck door, and run like a raptors to us when we go outside.

We've had 2 batches of silkies who turned out to be roos except 1 hen. The first batch of silkies were mean and not a gentle disposition as stated everywhere I read about them and had to be put down after attacking several of us adults multiple times. We were concerned for our grandchildren. The three silkie roosters I have now can be picked up out of their house but not caught when free rangeing. They've never tried to attack us or our grandchildren.

Our Asian Blues have had health problems such as sore bums and became crippled at about 2 years old, similar to bumble foot, but none of our other breeds have had these problems. Were they in a defective batch or are those problems typical of the Asian Blue breed?

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