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Sep 14, 2008
In a nutshell:
Have a Serama cock and pullet. They are breeding. Introed another pullet. Pullet 1 began picking at pullet 2's feathers, and pushed her in to the corner. 2, is very submissive to 1. Cock tries to mate with 2 but she ignores him, mating unsuccessful. Pullet 1 has been pecking at the cock also. I also suspect 1 of pulling out her own feathers and eating them. They get layer pellets and treats. Removed 1 from pen with 2 and cock, for one night and half of yesterday. 1 seems very happy by herself! Even laid her second egg. 2, and cock get along okay. He shows off but she does not accept his advances.
Yesterday afternoon, I let 1, 2 and cock out for some running around. Cock was on top of 1 lickity split. This continued about every two minutes until even I was embarrassed! Put 1 back in her own pen, 2 and cock in the same pen. Cock was agitated, (ripping up paper, chatty and, acting like a tough guy).
Is it normal for them to mate with such... frequency? How long will it take for 2 to be open and stand up for herself? Is the feather pulling and pecking a normal problem? When should I be concerned?


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Nov 9, 2007
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We were sitting outside the other day and my alpha roo mated 5 hens in 15 minutes. I told him to knock it off, but of course he didn't listen. *heavy sigh*
They do go thru an adjustment period when a new one is introduced and they have to reset the pecking order. If at all possible, seperate #2 where they can see her but not get to her for awhile. After re-introduction there is going to be so pecking going on. Just watch and as long as nobody is drawing blood I'd let them figure it out for themselves.


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Jul 8, 2008
Yes roo's seem to be very aggressive and they mate often. Mine are young and just learning but we have a couple older roo's who are showing how to win a girl's heart. Slowly they are learning and on some days when the testorone is high we seperate the boys from each other so the girls can have some peace.LOL

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