Enough is Enough


7 Years
Jan 5, 2013
If you read my post Monday you know we already had a death in the family this week. Today I went to let the chickens out and Buddy our big Rooster was in the coop dead. Nothing could have gotten him and he had no marks or visible signs. Everyone was quiet and sad today. Buddy was a Rhode Island Red. He was 26 weeks. I have always thought maybe something might be wrong with him. He was perfectly healthy and happy but he like to never got tail feathers and he only started crowing a few weeks ago. He sounded like a hound dog when he crowed. He was everyone's buddy. His best friend was Speedy the little English Bantam Rooster. Speedy crows every 5 minutes.

Poor Speedy did not crow much today and he would not go in his coop. Him and all his hens went to bed in the Don's Coop. I had to wait til after dark and pick them up and move them. I left Speedy and his fav bantam hen in the Don's coop. I think Speedy is lonely with his Buddy. Poor Buddy. This has been a sad sad week. I hope they are not afraid of something. I cleaned the coop out just in case of germs. But Buddy was perfectly fine. I was outside working all day and watched them all day. I did not notice anyone sick today either just sad. But why would they be afraid to go back in the coop? Jill went in. She is Speedy's other bantam hen.

Is it possible that Buddy was not a genetically healthy bird. Maybe that is why he did not get tail feathers? Did not assert himself as the head Roo even though he is head and shoulders taller than the others. I bought two hens for him two weeks ago and discovered mating. He mated everyone. Much to the dismay of Don, Speedy and mostly the hens. Did he have a heart attack? I know we will never know. Pray everyone else is alright. I cannot take much more loss. This has been a horrible horrible week.
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I'm so very sorry for your loss.... sometime these things happen and we will never know the reason why. Just know there are a lot of people on this site who care and truly understand the loss that you are feeling.

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