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What do y'all think...

We will be adding the little duck to the other two when she's bigger, but I'm thinking about getting one more duck that's a little more year-round with the eggs than the Rouens. Is this house big enough for four of them? It's 2'x3' on the inside (plus the little "courtyard"). They have access to the entire 10'x10' pen 24/7, but there will be three hens laying eggs if we do add another.

Opinions/thoughts... ??

If they've got 10 x 10 access 24/7, then they'll be just fine. They really don't need much indoor space--they don't like to be indoors. And four hens will readily take turns using the same nest or two nests--they don't need one each. Enjoy!
Hmmm... Good to know they'll share a nest. I guess that's the main part I wasn't sure about. I remembered seeing Katharina's post about building nest boxes and how she started with four of them, and had to add four more since they didn't want to share. We don't have specific nest boxes, just straw for them to build nests with.

What about when it snows? We don't get a ton here, but they're saying it could be a pretty "good" year. (That's the skier in me talking. Haven't figured out how to go skiing with a toddler just yet, but I digress...) and we're up around 600' so we might get a bit of snow this winter.

Should maybe also add (in case anyone else wants to weigh in) that they free range the rest of the yard most of the day.

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