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Dec 11, 2014
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Good day,

I would like t purchase the following structure and have it converted to a fully environmentally controlled broiler house.

Please advice what will be required,

I am aware that I will need
1. Control Computer
2. Heater (I plan on using Gas Heater)
3. Exhaust fan
4. Cooler panel

The house will basically be a 6mx4m structure.

I would like advice on the following factors;
1. Control box options. Something that will cut off the gas supply when too hot.
2. Preferable to use Gas or Infrared lamps?
3. What six exhaust fan on this small house
4. Cooler panel options?

Also as far as insulation on the house is concerned, what material can I use?



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Your biggest concern is fire from the dust, you need to seriously consider how to filter the air into the furnace or else you risk a burn down...

I have a forced air furnace in my coop, I have a custom made filter box on the intake, with 4 intake filters in a box shape that go into box that than goes through a second intake filter before going into the furnace...

All these filters are checked, cleaned and/or replaced every day, yes every day and the furnace is opened up once a week and blown out with compressed air... This is not something I neglect at all, I take it very serious when the furnace is being used...

You will face the same filter problems with AC, the dust will clog up the cooling fins in no time so the air is going to have to be heavily filtered before it gets there...

And you should insulate the heck out of that tin if you want any hope of controlling the temp inside, it's hard enough to control the temp when your are constantly venting no insulation an fighting the thermal lose from all the non-insulated walls and roof will kill you... I deal with it all winter, my coop is fully insulated and even drywalled and I only heat to about 35°F(2°C) just to prevent freezing, with ventilation on a real cold day the furnace runs pretty regularly just to keep it that little bit above freezing...

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