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Discussion in 'Meat Birds ETC' started by Katonk, Sep 12, 2019.

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    Nov 12, 2017
    Western Ohio
    You’re welcome! Hopefully you find just what you are looking for!
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    Apr 4, 2019
    Alright all. I need you guys to pray for us. I went through the lists, and I got 15 addresses of potential Delaware breeders. I've not heard back from the mr I was turned on by Claborn Farms but I'm not weeping over the loss. I'll be honest, incubating eggs from possibly sick birds terrifies me. My flock may be inferior but they're healthy, and they're working. They're not perfect (hence this search) but we can't afford my hopes bringing in flock death. I love what they do for me and they live good lives that end well on my table.
    I can't risk them, we need them.
    So. Here's my latest effort.
    15 addresses. Everything in Texas and Oklahoma, pretty much my first go at a drivable distance. ive got to touch base with a buddy of mine who can help me with cultural and societal differences before I can mail these out. I'm from California and we're an odd bunch. Earnest if we're from a small town mindset, but we tend to strike people raw... and my family needs me to do this as well as I can. Pray for us, and please send up another for my pickling expertise. Mostly because I haven't got any!! I've got a dozen eggs a day and I want to be sure we have eggs even in the winter

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    The main rooster in my flock is a Delaware and he has two Delaware hens he runs with in the flock.I would be more than happy to ship you some eggs in the spring if that’s when your looking to get them. Here some pictures of him and two of my Delaware hens.
    07DDBA45-7F48-46C3-A4CF-D417CE4A8733.jpeg C3313005-09F7-47F5-B4C9-12B8307889F4.jpeg F1299060-34DF-4116-AF4A-E6511FA1BB0A.jpeg 7EE67B71-F03B-4D5B-8B29-C1FBAEE9E08A.jpeg A1F61ABA-348B-496E-906D-F2CFFDBB559E.jpeg 6EA570AF-47EC-44EB-8498-2030C1FC8E1C.jpeg
    Sorry one of my Turkeys was getting in the way of the pictures.
    By the way Turkeys may be dumb as a rock but they are really nice to have.
    Also in regards to your concern about possible sicks birds here is what I can tell you.
    I had my rooster get sick last year and I had no clue why. So I brought him to UCONN ( yes home of the best women’s basketball team ever) for a necropsy. The results came back negative for AI and his illness was caused by the ingestion of mold. No other illnesses were reported. While Npip may be valuable to some personally the results of a necropsy are worth much more. I hope that helps you.
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    I totally agree results like that are so much more valuable than a certificate. The leads I've been given are wonderful and I'm pursuing all of them because, and maybe this is my pessimistic side taking over, I feel as a stranger to folks I'd be lucky to get a hello. But you can't get a yes if you're too hung up on the possibility of a no. I'd be delighted to get some of your eggs and I'll pm in a sec for more on that, but shipping... Man that's dodgy stuff. I've been looking for folks if be willing to drive to. Now the idea of driving out your way sounds like fun, but ahhh... Well let's just say wanderlust isn't always compatible with reality. I worry. About a lot. The pics are beautiful and they look a great weight. Alright time to get on that private conversation! Hey thanks so much for dropping in with happy thoughts no matter how we roll from here, man that's downright decent of you. Thanks for sharing some of that fellow dellow love.
    Seems a kinder world now. Cool man, party on.
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