Equestrian RP: MeadowHerd, ForestHerd, and The Outcasts

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    MeadowHerd is a herd of glorious, graceful horses, living in a lush meadow. A green-blue stream runs through this meadow. The water is cool year-round, and the main source of water in MeadowHerd.

    ForestHerd lives in a mountainous forest territory. There is a crystal-clear waterfall near their home grazing land. Their dark coats tend to blend in well with the forest shadows.

    The Outcasts are a band of horses that have been thrown out of their herd. All of these horses are stallions. They try to steal the other Herd's horses. They live near a waterfall in the ForestHerd's territory.

    MeadowHeard has been plagued with an unbearable heat. The sweet meadow grass is drying up, making it a less palatable food. The meadow's stream has almost dried up. They must find a new location in order to survive. Will MeadowHerd become TreeHerd, and move to the mountains and forests? Will they be forced to leave their home? All of this is for you to decide as we begin RPing!

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    Lead Stallion - This stallion is the main horse. He protects his mares with his life, and is totally in charge
    Lead Mare - She leads the horses to new feeding grounds, and is head-hancho next to the lead stallion.
    Broodmares - A mare old enough to have foals. They are constantly in danger of being stolen by the outcasts and other Herds.
    Colts/Fillies - Colts (young stallions) cannot stay long in the herd. They will be outcasted as soon as they are three years old. Fillies (young mares) will grow into broodmares, and are instantly accepted into the Herd.
    Outcasts - They are stallions that have been outcasted from their herd. Usually, these horses form a band that focuses on stealing mares from the other Herds.

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