Ermaghed! I just bought my first quail!!!

When buying quail from an unknown source, it is always advised to worm them. It is very common for folks that sell a lot of adult quail to have wormy facilities and because they are not keeping them long themselves, they don't worm these quail or keep their facilities worm free.

So do yourself a favor and worm them. You will save their lives. :)
Thanks twocrows,

You have had a lot of great input for me. Short of a vet, where can I get worming medication? Most of these birds are at a year old, so would they have contracted it by now?
One year old is perfect for getting them wormed. If they do have worms, they have not done too much damage and also a good time to get ahead of any issues.

Quail can have many types of worms, but the most common is the round worm. I would go with Wazine. It is the easiest wormer on the birds body, paralyzing the round worms in the intestinal tract and they are pooped out. You put 1 ounce of Wazine to 1 gallon of water first thing in the morning and have them drink it for 24 hours. The following day give them plain water. Repeat this process again at 12 days later to get the eggs that will have hatched. You are then good to go. You can redose them once a year there after.

You can get this stuff at nearly any feed store or poultry supply houses on line. I am an Amazon addict, LOL, so of course I will leave you with a link there. The shipper is a poultry supply...Fleming.
All coturnix. I have lots of varieties: Tibetan, Pharoah, Texas A and M, Golden, and Tuxedo crosses. There is really useful link(sticky) that walks through them all, I can find, if needed.

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