Investigating Error's again



9 Years
Oct 23, 2010
Home Sweet 2 Acres, Central NC
I just got these, when trying to quote 2 posts.


I had to close Firefox and restart to get past this.
I've been through the server logs (access logs for the site, and error logs for the software). There is nothing showing any errors at the time, and it seems that the issue only happens to one person at a time. If it was an issue with communication with Cloudflare and the server, everyone accessing the site would be getting the errors.
I think that is the right time frame. I was trying to quote scott when i recd the message and was referred to a read only version for a few minutes. Then back up no problem.
OK, so I think I know what this specific issue was. I was sending a backup of the forum files to Amazon S3. The problem is that is can use the whole network bandwidth, so I need to put a rate limit on sending stuff to S3, as it will use the while Gigabit port.

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