Escape artist chicken!


Completly Hopeless
14 Years
Dec 6, 2009
Southwestern Washington State
So I brought my new rooster home yester ad stuck him in my isolation coop, like normal. 1 minuite he was there, the next, POOF!! He's gone!! So, I checked around the yard a bit, looked under the cars, ect. Couldn't find him, so I went to bed, desparatly hoping he would show up this morning. Well, Mom woke me up early this morning, saying, '' Hey, ins't that your new rooster in the coop?'' So I throw on my boots and go check to see ifour eyes are playing tricks on us, and lo and behold! there is my rooster blinking at me, wondering where his breakfast is.
There were no holes in the wire or anything, and the door was shut!! Creepy. So, he now has a name, at least: Houdini.
Oh no! That's too funny.

He broke quarantine big time, but he knows where he wants to be!
Obvioulsy you need to beef up your defenses, since a roo can get through. Wouldn't give a racoon any trouble at all then.
Yeah, my isolation coop is kinda pathetic right now..... I'm going to do some repairs asap. Turns out he didnt get out though! My roof is just a few heavy boards across the top, and one is kinda floppy, so it was hanging down, and I had put another board across the floppy one, so it mad a sort of ''room'' and he climbed in there I think, to roost. I t was still really weird, though, because there is a roost in there. Funny little bird.
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