Escapee quail found!!!


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I have 7 coturnix quail inside in a rubbermaid container. Someone must have jumped out between the barriers I had on the top last night. I searched and search for that little booger until I had to leave for work this morning. Are they like chicks and tend to stay by the others or do they just hit the road and go, go, go? I have just got to find him when I get home tonight. Any suggestions?
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if they are inside and you cant find him in a day or 2 im sure you will start to smell him. I had one escape and my dog found him. the good thing is that the little one hid behind the dogs food dish and was safe from the jaws of death
You should be able to hear it crying, but they aren't too hard to find.
Are they in a closed room? It's probably hiding behind a dresser or chair or something. But you will hear it crying.
I couldn't hear any crying or noise...I thought it would be easy to find. It is in the living room/dining room/ is all open with no closed rooms. It could go into any room of the house, all the room doors in the hallway stay open. I have a cat that might help...but she is so fat and lazy I am doubting she would really be much good.
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Have Hubby Take The Rubbermaid Container Lid And Cut The Inside 2/3's Out And Stretch Chicken Wire Over The Opening-- I Just Zip Tie It Into Place You Can Put The Lid On The Container And All Unauthorized Flights Are Now Grounded! Permanently.... It Very Handy Because You Can Just Set The Heat Lamp On Top Of The Wire--- More Heat= Higher Wattage Bulb, Less Heat= Lower Wattage Bulb. This Also Works To Help The Brooder Retain Heat And Stop Drafts. I Have Been Using This For Brooders For A Long Time-- It Works Great. The Containers Are Cheap, Easily Cleaned And Ssanitized--- Just Spray 'em Out Real Good And Let Them Soak With A Mild Bleach Water In Them For 30 Minutes Or So And It's Ready To Go Again--- I Have Many Containers In Different Sizes So I Can Accomodate 2 Or 3 Quail Up To 60 Or So Depending On Size And Age And Whatnot...

How Old Are They? If They're Escaping It Sounds Like It Might Be Getting Close To Pinion Time....
And Just For Laughs--- My Labs Retrieve The Rare Escapee. The Baby Mama Is An Upland Gamebird Hunting Machine! Nothin Gets By Her! She Does The Inside Chores And The Baby Daddy Helps Herd The Outside Birds Back Into Their Pens At The End Of The Free Ranging Day
Such Is The Life Here At "the Duckhound Ranch"
I Have 6 Huge Ones, 6 Large, 4 Medium And 2 Small..... Dahg Looks Like I'm Getting Low, May Need To Make A Trip To Dollar General And Restock!

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