Escaping Chickens

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    Aug 17, 2012
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    Hi All -
    Recently got back into keeping backyard chickens (grew up with them as a kid) and have found a slight problem out this morning.
    I have a slanted roof construction coop that the chickens have figured out how to get on to, and sadly it's more near the fence than I'd like.
    This morning, I was greeted with one of my speckled sussex girls looking rather amused if not terrified on top of the fence!
    Happily she came when I called her, but my concern is that this may happen again.
    I was hoping to see if anyone has had this problem before and has any idea on how to solve the problem.
    The coop is immobile, and so is the fence, so not sure how to keep them from escaping!
    Thanks in advance!
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    Here is a link with great pictures showing how to clip their wing. I have to do this to a few of my girls because they roost in the trees and it isnt safe for them where I live. They dont seem to mind me clipping their wing, although I have found it is much easier to accomplish at night when they are sleepy. Good luck and I hope this link helps

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