Escaping Rooster


In the Brooder
May 10, 2016
Louisville Ky
My Rooster is an escape artist. We don't know how he is getting out of the run but I'm pretty sure he is flying out. He goes after any bird that flys in or around the run. The coop itself is covered but the run surrounding it is not. Almost every other day I come home after work and he is just wondering the backyard. Is this okay? Should I get his wings clipped? What are your guys thoughts?!

This is Richard, our rooster.
Only you can say if it's okay if he's out. You could clip a wing or cover the run to keep him in as you said.
How do you clip their wings? Is that something only a vet could do. Because he will not even let us touch him. He runs from us.
You have time o get a hold of him and use a scissors to trim his flight feathers, a search of this site should maybe find you a picture.

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