has some cool stuff!

Sure you could! Those look super easy to make. The girls won't care about the shape, they will love them no matter how they're shaped.
Suet is beef /and or mutton fat, You can melt it down and then add about anything you like (meal worms, corn, black oils sunflower seeds etc.) then pore it into a mold and let cool.

We used to get suet (chuncks of the white fat) right from the butcher when we had our cows slaughtered...I don't know if you can get this (probably in smaller quantities) at a grocery store... or if you have a local butcher that might be a better bet! My grandfather used to take the just plain suet and put it in an onion bag (minus the onions of course) and hang it in the tree for the birds to eat in the winter...they loved it.

Here is a website that talks about making your own suet talks about using shortening and peanut butter too...

good luck! I might try this too!
We save our drippings year-round. Once we're up to our ears we put them all in a big pot to melt, remove most water with a baster and then dump in enough bird seed, chunks of fruit and bread crusts to make a thick mixture. If there is a lot of water we don't even bother to remove, and instead add a packet of unflavored gelatin. We pack everything into a pan, then chill and cut up to fit into suet feeders. Wild birds love it, so do the chickens. Unfortunately, it does attract the raccoons.
Suet is the gristle and fat that is trimmed from meat. It's rather tough stuff. You can render it to melt out the fat and make what most people call suet cakes.

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