Euthanasia - When to consider this possiblity?


7 Years
Oct 24, 2012
I have a sick duck (see: Sick Peking Duck) - I don't know how to know when she is suffering and I am just keeping her here for me? How long do you give a duck before you make this call? She can't walk, she has dark green diarrhea and has been like this since Tuesday. She just lays there now with her legs back behind her and hardly eats, drinks a lot of water. She has a small amount of enthusiasm when I put her in the bathtub. She's hisses at me when I check on her and bites me when I try to touch her or convince her to eat something. I don't know whats wrong with her, everything I've tried hasn't helped. There is no vet in the area I can take her to...
I think it depends on every individual. You will have to judge her symptoms and whether or not she is suffering. I had a muscovy duck a while back that stopped walking and eating I was almost to point of putting her down when she slowly started to recover. It was about 10 days after when she finally stood again but she did start eating a tiny bit quickly. On the other hand, I went out this morning and my rooster didn't come out of the coop with everyone. I went in to get him and realized that he was thin. I put him down, went inside to set up a quarantine area and get the morning feed. Not 10 minutes later I went back out and he was down on the ground, I thought he had died but he was still alive, barely. I put him down right away.
Sorry your duck is sick. It is not a pleasant part of ownership to have to make these decisions.

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