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Jun 18, 2017

I was hoping to get some advice from folks that have chickens in the southeast with a good hurricane evacuation plan. I've searched through the archives here but we really haven't had a very active hurricane season since 2004-2005. Hopefully I never have to leave but I want to be prepared.

I have a small pony trailer that can move all of my chickens and ducks but I can't find any suitable places to go in Florida or nearby areas. We've got transporting figured out from going to chicken shows.

Does anyone know of any parks or camping grounds that would allow us to park our trailer and RV? I can do without electric and water hook up.

I've seen some FL counties (like the Ocala area) with provisions to deal with horses but no one addresses other farm animals.

Thanks in advance...

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Hi @jaxsilkies :frow Welcome To BYC

I'm sorry no one has replied.

I'm glad to see that you have a way to evacuate if the occasion ever arises.

Unfortunately, I don't know a thing about FL or what is available. Hopefully if you post your question on the Florida thread you can get some ideas. I'll also tag a couple of people that may be able to point you in the right direction.

@sunflour , @N F C ?? Any suggestions?

Florida thread-


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Hello and :welcome, so glad you have joined us.

I'm in Georgia and don't have the official answer you seek. And would bet the employees of the parks and camping areas won't have the answer either.

Most people try to secure their livestock and hope they will be there when they return. But, I love my flock and pets as you do and congratulate you on your plans to take them with you if you have to evacuate.

IMO research the areas you think would be the evacuation routes and have locations/maps ready - those vary by where a storm will hit. And if you do have to evaluate, to to the closest, safest one. I really doubt in a true emergency anyone would turn you and your "pets" away?

We have had large numbers of folks come to Macon - not only from the GA and SC coast but also from FL for hurricane evacuation. Many with campers, trailers, travel homes just camp out at the Walmart parking lots......and no one hassles them. Maybe try a Tractor Supply parking lot? At least they will have feed for the animals:)

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The thing about evacuating is that storms may make unexpected shifts in their paths. So you can't always plan ahead where to go. We lived in FL for many years, and experienced several evacuations, including Hurricane Floyd in 99, when 3 million people clogged the highways, many stuck in their vehicles during the storm, unable to move in the massive traffic jam. We have experienced going to an area and having to evacuate from there due to change of storm direction...I can't imagine doing any of this with a trailer full of chickens.
Also, after all was said and done, we always came home to no damage at all and realized we could have stayed home. This certainly is not the case for everyone tho. Especially those living beachside. Everyone has to make their own decisions.
We stopped evacuating because of all these types of uncertainties, and I was relieved to leave FL ten years ago, tho we now live in tornado alley.
Anyway, good luck with everything, I hope you have a safe hurricane season....
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Jun 18, 2017
Thanks everyone. I agree that leaving would only be under very specific circumstances. Cat4/5 likely to make a direct hit with enough notice to leave early enough to avoid getting stuck on the roads.

Taking in account all of the responses, I think it's correct that planning this in advance isn't likely to work. Load up and go. The right size parking lot at a hotel might be good enough if I can keep the trailer far enough away from the rooms so the noise won't disturb someone. The Tractor Supply or RV-friendly Walmart parking lot idea is also very good to at least to get some sleep.



Jun 18, 2017
Is anyone from the Mobile, AL area? I am curious if anyone has any ideas where to bring chickens in this part of the country. I would love to find a campground even if I had to rent a RV locally and bring our generator.

I will try to keep our covered trailer in a hotel parking lot but who knows if the noise will be an issue. Parking might be tough too at some hotels. It also occurred to me that it's going to be tough to keep everyone cooped up for 3-4 days, fed, watered, and clean. After this many days I might also have to contend with smell being an issue.


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Jan 24, 2017
I think if you have a good trailer and gas you could at least throw a tent in your truck and find a camp ground in Georgia or where ever looks safe. We probably won't know until Friday. Since you're in Jax, leaving Friday or Saturday might be OK. I'm in South Florida and want to get on the road Thursday. I hear that the roads north are already slow at the georgia boarder.

Honestly, I think if they have enough room in the trailer, and it's well ventilated, you could go to any hotel and just check in on the birds several times a day. Maybe find a parking spot with some good shade, or near an electrical outlet that you can run a few fans off. That said, bring some box fans and extenstion cords with you.


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Regarding the Walmart parking lot idea. we have RV hobos in our Walmart lot all the time .they're people who just come and they stay for a week or two .we had one last week in the Walmart parking lot . this week they're parked in the Lowe's parking lot next door .no one bothers them. They just have their large trailer and the pickup truck .eventually they move on. I think that's a good idea.
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Many county and state fairgrounds open to those with livestock at times like this. Your state dept of ag, extension office, etc can be great resources for information on possible places to go. You can also find great networks on facebook with info on open places as well as private individuals opening property and facilities too those with livestock


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There are S.A.F.E centers that animals can be evacuated to. My school (Fort Valley State University) has one. I'm not sure what the rules are for who gets to go to them, but they are worth the google. Or make some Georgia friends with a few acres that you can camp on if needed. ;-)

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