Ever been slapped by a dove???


9 Years
Jun 17, 2013
Has anyone elses doves ever slapped them? Like a real "katush" sound slap? I couldnt believe it,had me and my hubby in fits lol,at first I thought maybe it was trying to fly! Then after 3 slaps I realised No this dove really is giving me a slap!!
Why is this?? Only the boy one does it!
Oh yeah - stings a bit, right.
It's not at all uncommon for them to wing slap you to keep you away from their nest site.
Yeah it does sting abit lol! I couldnt stop laughing,I never in a million years thought that id get slapped by a dove of all animals lol,and is it a territorial thing?he did it when I when to give him and his lady a stroke in there hutch.
Ever have a hen grab you by the inside of the nose???
It only lasted like one maybe two seconds.
It seemed like much longer.
I am not going to admit to crying.

However it did bring the water to my eyes!!
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Looooooooooool im so sorry, its all coming out now! we are all being physically abused by our own pets!!! Well you learn something new everyday,and today I learned doves are not that beautiful symbol of peace everyone associates them with,I never thought id say this but my dove is evil =O
mine were pigeons actually :D
i have 12 of them know
feed them every day after school clean them out 2 twice a week every morning before school give them fresh water and let them out every morning but they havent been in the loft for about three days i dont know why
I have a half hand raised male, named goose, that slaps and bites! Definatly territorial!and yea hokum, I have been bitten on the schnaze, probably not the best felling and most defiantly eye watering experience!


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