Ever find weird small bits of something in your eggs?

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    I have seen blood spots on yolks on my eggs as well as in/on purchased eggs and I am not talking about blood spots. These are more like small bits in the white. I also once found something that seemed sort of crunchyish in the yold that was a beigy sort of color.

    Does anyone else's eggs ever have anything other than clear whites and clean yolks? Honestly, I am assuming it is harmless but it grosses me out and I can't help but wonder what it is. Also, I get nervous about giving them to people.

    Would appreciate any information you may have.

    Thank you,
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    I've found an insect in the egg white. [​IMG]
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    If you are giving away eggs and very worried about what night be inside, you can candle the eggs and anything too bad will show up. Do it just like you would if you were checking for embryo development. Go to a dark room and hold a very bright small light to the egg. You get a great view of what's inside that shell, even with really dark eggs.
    We currently have to buy eggs and we get the free range organics. I have found meat spots a few times in these. Most people who have been around "real" eggs expect the occasional odd finding, but I know there are those who would freak out, as well. The reason the massive cartons of white store eggs don't have this is each egg is checked and anything off is thrown out.
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    Yes, I sometimes find spots/specks in my eggs - and they're not the usual blood spots or meat spots. I've wondered if somehow during the formation of the egg, a bit of dirt or something like that got in it. I usually throw those eggs out since I have plenty of eggs. I also was concerned about people who get eggs from me - that they might think there was something wrong with the eggs. So when I created a brochure to give to people with their first carton of eggs from me, I included a paragraph about that. Here's what I put on the brochure about spots/specks:
    • Occasionally you might notice a black, brown or red spot or speck in an egg. Chemically and nutritionally these eggs are fine to eat – although they’re not very aesthetically appealing. The same spots occur in commercially produced eggs, but the commercial egg producers use strong electronic lights to “candle” each egg so they can remove the ones with spots. Since we don’t candle our eggs, you will find spots every now and then. If you wish, you can remove the spot with the tip of a knife, discard the egg or feed it to a pet. These occasional spots are just part of having natural, farm fresh eggs. If you like, when you find an egg with a spot, let us know and we’ll replace it.
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