Ever get overwhelmed?

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8 Years
Feb 12, 2011
Do you ever get overwhelmed when the chicken math gets out of control? What do you do?
Yes i do it every year with all my chicks hatching and running out of space. So i pick out the best ones that i can't live without and take the rest to the chicken sale. I always feel better after i make up my mind,
Well, I have just managed to do it in style.....20 chicks too many and about 7 cockerels. Most people around here already have their own birds, and no local chicken sales.....plus I do not cull.....hubby building (very grudgingly)another chicken house. So it's eggs benedict, omelettes, egg on toast, scrambled egg, fried egg and yet more egg on the menu for years to come!
Not this time, but when I was a teenager, I learned my breaking point is 53. I took all the extras to the flea market and liquidated, did quite well because most were pure bred and hand tame.

Some flea markets will allow animals, others not, you have to call and ask. Or run an add locally, but that can take several days. I sold something like 20 in less than 3 hours. Course it helped that they were all friendly, healthy and bright eyed, and no one got mites on their hands when they handled them. Flea market birds can be scary sometimes.

You also want to make sure you don't price yourself out of a sale in which ever sales medium you use. I sold 4 just recently, to make room for pullets, and listed them at $5 just to make it happen fast. 2 were 2 year olds still laying large eggs, but still a far cry from being a fresh pullet. They were gone the next day to a good home. I even got pictures of them installed into their new coop.

Pricing depends on your location, time of year, age of the birds, breed, and gender. Now is a good time to sell. Waiting until fall, lot's of others are thinning their flock for winter and you'll have higher availability and less demand. I like doing my winter thinning in August, since people aren't thinking about winter time yet. I like to sell in Spring/Summer and do my shopping in Fall/Winter.
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