Ever give your meaties a bath???


11 Years
Jun 27, 2008
Mountain Home, AR
Well, I try to be as clean as I can with the poo but I can't keep up. Tomorrow is culling day so today DH and I bathed........not once but twice ) and rinsed 15 meaties. Am I nuts?
My daughters and I have for the county fair.

I did it when I was in 4-H too.

Did you blow dry them with the hairdryer too?

That always got looks at the fair!
It seems unnecessary if you're not showing them. Why not wait until they're dead & just hose off the extra poo then before scalding & plucking? That way they also won't put up as much of a fuss.

Poor meaties, they already have such a rotten deal in life, why spoil their last day on earth by giving them a bath?

Hope your butchering chores go smoothly and you all enjoy dining on your extra-clean chickens!
If I didn't have 97 to do, it would sound like a good idea to ME, too! Perhaps after bleeding them out so they fight less...
Actually, I felt they enjoyed it. Oh yes......they kicked and squaked on the way in but once in the water they were real quiet. I got the impression they liked it. First I thought, maybe they are in shock but when we put them back for the night they were real active and lively. BTW....this is their second bath in their short lifetime.

Guess I can't imagine washing poo off the dead chicken I am going to put in the oven. Call me nuts.....I will agree.
I have...I actually did it once to cool one of ours off. We were having a 90 degree day and he looked liked he just couldn't take it anymore. So I put him in some cool water. He loved it. He was cool for the rest of the day. I completely understand. When I raise our meaties I'm constantly changing their bedding, sometimes 5x's a day.
The Poo wouldn't just wash off........it gets stuck to their underside. Can't fathom washing poo off the skin I'm gonna eat.

They were all clean skinned for the dispatch today.

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