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May 9, 2010
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I went out the other evening to shut the gate to the run for the night and noticed after the head count, I was missing one of my Buff O girls! Everyone else was in the pen, it was later than usual for the nightly shutdown, so I was surprised everyone wasn't inside. I looked all around the house where they usually hang out...nothing! I looked in the horse pasture to see if one of the horses might have stepped on her...nothing. I called and called...nothing. In the garage, under the shrubs, in the trees...I couldn't find that hen anywhere. I finally accepted the sad reality that I had probably lost a hen to some predator. I had plans for the evening so I went on and left. Later, I texted my son and told him something had gotten one of the hens. He texted back and said that when he got home, she was sitting outside the run gate! He opened it up and let her in, so I still have 12 chickens...Yaay! I don't know where this little hussy was! She is so light colored, very easy to see...I don't know how I missed her!

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Aug 13, 2007
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Lost a rooster that way once. He was not by nature the wandering type so I started looking for him expecting to find feathers or whatnot left from the predator that got him. Not a trace of anything. Finally gave it up as it was good dark by then and I was tired of wandering around with a flashlight. Gave him up for lost and went to the house.

Where I found him perched on the back porch rail! I have no idea why he didn't go in or where he'd been, but he for sure did not want to be out there in the dark so he headed for where he figured he would be safe.


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Sep 25, 2007
I don't free range my flocks much, as I work full time & we have many predators - the only time I free range them is when I can be back at the barn working. I've never had one go missing, but it's likely because, since they only have a few hours out, they don't wander far.


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Nov 9, 2007
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On more occasions than I can count over the last two years I have done a head count of my flock only to find a hen missing. I go back up to the house, get my walking/snake stick, beat the bushes, check everywhere. I basically search inch by inch the 5 acres immediately surrounding the chicken coop. Give up, come back to the coop and find the "missing" hen.

Now I have these new little ones(14), just arrived this morning, in their brooder. I go out to check on them, only count 13 and go
when I recount four or five times and find the missing one.


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Apr 6, 2010
This has happened to me as well. Shut the other chickens in the coop for the night and came out in the morning to find the missing girl standing at the lot door wanting in. I got a wonderful feeling of relief to know that she wasn't eaten by a stray dog, but just wandered off somewhere.
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May 8, 2010
My SLW cockerel and leghorn pullet decided they wanted to roost on top of the run last night. I was out there at 9pm beating at their feet with a broom to get them down. Silly birds....

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