Ever happen to you...?


12 Years
Feb 3, 2008
Fingerlakes Upstate, NY
I processed most(all but 6) of my meat birds this past weekend. Somehow, most of the people I know, know we slaughtered the birds. Now I have people coming to the house and calling to ask if I have any "leftovers" I'd like to sell... Why the hell didn’t I raise a hundred!!?? I could have made some dough!!!
Then if you bought a hundred, no one would be interested in buying any.
Its the way it always happens..
See if you can line up some customers in advance, take orders whatever, and get yourself a little business.
just be careful.Every year I get people wanting chicken,But then when it comes right down to it something comes up.No room in freezer,bad time,something.Some don't want to pay anymore than store bought.That's why I usually just raise for us and a few friends.
If you really think you have a reliable bunch of interested people "go for it" It's a good way to recoop costs. Will
i second that.

i am doing a batch of 100 now plus 80 fryers. (yes, it is insanity) we have tons of people asking. if they are serious they can pay a deposit. i am doing the 80 fryers for my extended family as a gift. (In-laws, parents, g'ma and a widow at church) so, i don't have to worry they wont take them!

i am also trading them. traded 3 for a garden gate i need, and 200 lbs. carcass weight chicken for 200 lbs. carcass weight whole hog!

go for the big stuff and try it next time.

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