Every day its like an Easte Egg Hunt!!!


9 Years
Aug 10, 2010
Monroe New Jersey
I know I should not be complaining...my new set of chickens have started to lay..... in the corners, under the feeder, out side under the bushes, and in the middle of the run!! They don't free range but finding these eggs after dark in the cold is a little un nerving indeed. I have 25 of them and about 16 are laying.... will the ones that are laying nilly willie take after the good ones who are laying in the nesting boxes eventually... or do I have to search for eggs for ever now??? My first group of hens are on thier winter vacation and have totally stopped laying... but they all laid thier eggs in the nesting boxes from the very beginning... I did nothing different with this group...just wondering why they are doing this....
hmm I never thought about locking them up for a few days.... that might be the trick... come to think of it last year my older girls were stuck in the coop for over a week due to all the snow we got....I am going t have to try that....Thanks for the suggestion :)

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