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    Feb 17, 2015
    Spring is when most of the people need poultry questions answered, and practically every new year this board has been changed to be practically unrecognizable. Suddenly I don't belong here anymore, and have to sign up again with a new name -- who am I TODAY??? Do you know how many names I've had since I started here several years ago? Or have the owners changed AGAIN? And the list of sections has changed. It used to be logical, but no more

    What dipstick keeps thinking that all of this is a good idea? Change for the sake of change is insane, but it seems to be what runs America. Why not break out of the knee-jerk mold and just make changes for improvement? Why not stop trying to be so ****** clever and just leave it alone? Yes, it WOULD be something of a novelty, but maybe you would start a new trend.

    So here's the point to my post: Where is the General Discussion section? I can't find it. I want to ask a general chicken question, but there doesn't seem to be a place to put it.

    Well, I'll put it HERE, and someone can put it where it belongs, if anywhere, okay?

    Three days ago I had six hens, and by 4 p.m. I had seven. The newcomer is a cute little bantam. The big girls don't care much for the little one, so she hangs around with the ducks. But where do I put her at night? I'm afraid the big ones will pick on the little one, as the coop is only a 4-ft cube. I hesitate to put her in with the ducks, too.

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    @FussyHen , thanks for your feedback.
    Regarding "Owners": BYC has had the same owner (me [​IMG]) since late 2006.

    Regarding Change: We haven't done any significant changes to the site since January 12, 2012. Since that time there have been minor updates and changes, but the overall look, feel, and navigation of the site has been pretty consistent. Prior to that, the other big change was December 2006. So, I don't think 2 big changes over 9 years is "every new year". We do make some minor changes to the site based on feedback. We work very hard to please all of our millions of site visitors... but as you can imagine it's not an easy task. [​IMG]

    Regarding "General Discussion section" : This was removed towards the middle of 2007. We recognized quickly that people were confused by having a "general" section and would put every manner of question in there from "Help, my chicken is sick!" to "What breed is this" to "Hey, I really like to knit... who's with me!?!?!" We now have very specific sections that make it easy for most of our millions of site visitors to find information specific to their needs and desires vs. a "general" section where they use to have to sift through thousands of posts to find what was relevant to their issue.

    Regarding your account / login: We have a fantastic "password reminder / reset tool". You simply submit your email address and you can get your login information. Heck it even goes back to 2006!!!

    Regarding your specific question about you flock: You need to post this in a section that relates to your topic. I'd suggest here: Managing Your Flock

    Again, thanks for your feedback, I hope you enjoy your participation in our wonderful community!
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    Feb 20, 2014
    Are you using tapatalk?

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