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4 Love of Baby Chickens

12 Years
Aug 15, 2007
The middle of Middle Tennessee


Isn't she cute?


She's such a sweetheart!!!!!!!!!!!!


I just LOVE her to pieces!!!!!!!!!!!! She's SO smart!!! She's already been introduced to the chickens and after being pecked on the nose by one of my grumpy broodys she knows that the chickens are not chew toys but she's to guard them.

Just yesterday morning I was trying to take her for a quick training session and she refused to come out of the barn. I made her and took her around the back of the coop and she started growling slightly. Something had been digging right by the run but must've given up because it hit the wire. I bet a Coyote or something was trying to get to my chickens and the wire and Koda deterred it.

Well all that I can tell you is that Koda is 5 months old. She's snow white, friendly and VERY watchful. I have her tied up for now because my other dog Blackie does NOT like her at all and I'm afraid that Koda would follow Blackie down the road and I do not want to risk losing her that way. So after I get Blackie used to Koda being around I'm hoping to let her roam our 3 1/2 acre's of land. How many times do you walk your Great Pryenees around the boundary before you let them run loose on your land? 'Cause I've walked the boundary line with Koda twice so far and I slipped and sorta fell / sat down on a rotten log and got my shorts all a mess on the butt.

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