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Thank you for clicking and reading this! I have to ask as many people as I can this question and I need as many people as possible to reply to this post.
Do you think it is fair if a person writes a post online that is completely untrue in an attempt to gather the sympathy of others to get something free or at a reduced price? All because one person raised her price and she wanted it cheapier.

I am asking this question because this has actually just happened to me. I had a person write something completely untrue online and use my legal and full name. The post that was written was COMPLETELY FALSE, and I have the e mails to prove it. I feel this is so very wrong I am making a stand and asking others to help me. If noone does anything then what is to stop people from writing untruths about all of us.
For instance lets say a gal bought a bird from you and wants a roo to go with it, she just says online you were horribly mean to her and refused to sell her a roo, and then commments your roos were dirty and you were ugly, and gross. AND she used your full Jane J. Doe name.
Okay this is just an example but would that be right?
I want you to tell me. Make a stand, people should not be aloowed to use these sites to abuse others. I personally am hurt! I was really nice to this lady.
I am just sick that she thought I was ignorant and would never find out she used my name.
I did confront her by e mail. Her response was, I do not care about your reputation.
Think about this for a while beforer you type, think of how this could hurt people.
Honest , good people like me.
Now tell me what you think.
Thank you for your time.
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