Everyonne's out of the brooder!!!


11 Years
Jun 7, 2008
Scappoose Oregon
Yeah!!! One less separate group to care for. The BR Pullet that was in with the 3 older banties went out to the big layer coop in separate enclosure. She escaped into the big run once already. The hens ignored her, the ducks tried to beat her up! Hopefully I have all those holes closed up so she'll stay on her side.

The little Japanese chicks went out with the other juvenile banties. There was a little aggression from the older Japs, but not much after the first hour. I went in and tossed the babies back into the coop a couple times to make sure they were having enough heat lamp time, but they seemed fine running around. This morning everyone was fine when I opened the pop door. The bigger trio seemed annoyed the babies were still there.

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