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12 Years
Mar 9, 2007
Eggzile and / or Utah
I learned in one book that I read when I was 3.............. (started reading @ 2 1/2).....................The Little Red Hen - no wonder I am so partial to my redheads!

What was your favorite book/story as a child & why?

Thought it may make for a fun thread.....
Goodnight Moon, hands down. I love all the stories that have a good, melodic tempo when you read them out loud to your kids. I had my mom read that book to me (twice) each night when I was little. I also enjoy the books by Paul Goble, like The Girl Who Loved Wild Horses.

eta because I was only paying partial attention while typing
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I learned how to read at four. I can't remember my favorite book when I was little like that, but at six I was enjoying Agatha Christie murder mysteries

My favorite children's book is The Secret Garden. It planted the seed (pun intended) of my lifelong love of all things garden and nature.

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